Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Emma's 9th Birthday!

The girl who made me a mama, turned 9 years old at the end of January. And here I am blogging about it at the end of February! Life guys. For real.

Because school day mornings are crazy hectic, I bought donuts the night before so she could have a special breakfast. If you can call it that! Blueberry cake donut with 9 candles. It's how we roll.

Emma had activity days that night as well, which is like really important to her, so we had to get things done quick! Dinner was ravioli with alfredo and garlic bread, because if you know E at all, that meal is her favorite thing in the world. With 2 parents that crave alfredo on the regular, it's a heavy burden that had to fall to at least one of our kids. ;) Emma was disappointed with no cake, but we were in a hurry and cupcakes fit the bill.
I love this girl!
A very beautiful necklace from Grandma and Grandpa J that Emma adores! She also got slippers that she keeps by her bed and wears all the time. Slippers are one of those non essential things that she begs me for, like a robe, that I will not get her unless its for a gift.
We saw Moana a few months ago and we all loved it so much. Such a great message in that movie! We couldn't get the movie yet, but we did get the soundtrack and she was beyond excited!

Grandma and Grandpa Moore gave her a sweet card a $10. These are earrings I bought back in December when she got her ears pierced and they gave us a big discount that day. Thinking ahead people, I'm all about it.
An art set was the big ask this year. She loves having artsy stuff, but with school and toddler sister, it's hard to find a time to use it. Maybe in the Summer we'll see many creations.
I don't do friend parties every year. I'm sure I've said that before. Luke and I were talking recently and decided that it would be ages 5,7,9,11, and 13. Maybe 15 depending on the kid. The last few will be more grown up stuff, take a few friends to the movies, ice skating, that kind of thing. But after 15, we're done paying. We will do a bunch of family stuff, but then they'll be old enough to go off on their own with their friends and be making their own money, through a job or earning through us. When I look at it as only 5 friend parties it makes me a little sad. But then I remember I get them for 1-18 and then some. Plus 5 friend parties times 5 kids, 25 parties to plan, and I'm so good.

She invited a good mix of kids from church and kids from school. We did a pancakes and pajamas themed party. No cake cause pancakes! With chocolate chips and whipped cream and sprinkles, so it was basically all candy anyway.
 It was such a good group of girls and I love how diverse all of her friends are!
 Everyone brought pillows and blankets and we watched The Secret Life of Pets. Fernanda was so good with Gracie! She normally hates everyone and Fernanda just laid down by her and snuggled her up with a blanket it was so sweet!
 Opening presents is always fun! She got a ton of stuff that she loves. Shopkins, lots of art supplies, a beautiful necklace, a fun tweeny journal.
 Emma, Samantha, Kyla.

We gave her a little jewelry box because now that she has all those earrings and rings, she needs a place to put them and her tiny treasure box just wasn't cutting it.
It wouldn't be a Moore birthday party if brother and sister didn't help a little. Emma was sweet about it though.
8 little girls in all. Plus my 4 kids = a mom that's grateful she doesn't have 12 kids!
Amazing watercolor set from Fernanda, Genesis, Gaby and Dunia! They love Emma so much!
 All the cuties from church.
 Hillary was so quiet and genuinely sweet. But this girl had more bling on her than I have in my whole house!  Latest Iphone, REAL Kate Spade bag, diamond earrings. For. Real. Emma was more than a little green with envy, but we had the same talk we've had over and over since she was like 5. We do things differently in family. You can do what you choose to when you're 18. If your hearts desire is diamond earrings, girl you better start saving. ;)
It was a lot of fun for Emma and all of my kids. I hope that the other girls had a ton of fun as well! I'm so glad she had such a wonderful first North Carolina birthday.

Emma is seriously such a caring girl. She loves deeply. And definitely has a little mother's heart. She is so responsible and often times feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. I quite literally have no idea what I would do without her. Emma helps me and Luke so much and she cares for her family more than anything. She loves Jesus and tries her best to choose the right. I will never be able to express enough gratitude for having this wonderful little soul in my life. She's a good friend, a good sister, a good daughter and she's turning into such a beautiful young woman. Proud proud proud. That's what I am.

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